Doctor Who!? Not a hate post.

  Am I the only one that finds the so called sci-fi show "Doctor Who" a boring waste of time?

  In a nutshell it's just some nerdy time traveling nerd-ball and his wench in my opinion and nothing more. The Doctor is a narcissistic character followed around by a blonde that claps at his successes.
  The show paints an universe that nobody would want to live in and nobody would dare to imagine it because just boring. It's just like warm beer, from England. Doctor Who is the sour pill in the world of sci-fi shows that has managed to brainwash a legion of clappers.
  Compared to other sci-fi shows it looks like the crack baby of the industry that is successful because it's the only crack baby around. People look at it like at some exotic freak.
  I know I haven't brought in serious arguments for my opinions expressed above but Doctor Who is just an "180 and scoot". Different from the bunch.

  Phone booth... eh. Tardis... eh. Daleks... eh. Bleah

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