What do we have here ? Cool unix cheat sheets. Get them. They are good deal

You should throw your vision on these cheat sheets for *nix. Trust me they are good. Cheat sh..eet! One The one Page Linux Manual ... Read more »

I love rocks,especially geology !

Rocks are all the stuff. I have rocks everywhere my house,even in my head. Geology ! Hell yeah ! *looks at noose* Do you know geologist... Read more »

HA! Brigs back memories. I need a napkin.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

               I was thinking today... Do you know what's the secret of  life ? I don't know. But looking around, measuring other ... Read more »

The vi editor and emacs in Linux.They are text editors people. Not snails.

Here's a survival guide using the vi editor and emacs under Linux. Straight to the point. I  use vi.  Le survival : Oh le FUUU!   ... Read more »

Wow! A nice introductory video course on programming!

This video and the videos that follow really share  concrete knowledge when it comes to programming and the abstrascts behind it.You can ... Read more »

Linux security how to

A great link to an article that covers linux security. A bit old but but still works: Security-HOWTO   Read more »