Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

ren and stimply are classy gentlemen
               I was thinking today... Do you know what's the secret of  life ? I don't know. But looking around, measuring other folks life and mine of course I came to a sinister conclusion. Success in life is achieved when you have found your place, in every aspect of this world.

             To find your place you need a path to that place, that path becomes more clear and clear as you gather details about your finality. Remember ,detail. The second thing is adaptability. If the wall is not moving blast a hole. What I am trying to say is that you need to think,always ask yourselves if the path is the correct one. Always ask yourselves if the map is ok. Like images , the more pixels you have and the larger the number that describes the level of colors the CLEARER the image is. Strive to have a clear "vision". You don't have to think like a winner,you don't have to think like a loser. You have to think like a human that likes to see things working.

            The mistake that you should avoid , one of the most abominable sins  is laziness. You know ,you're not missing anything interesting if 2 hours a day you study a subject of interest for your path. 


  1. I wish I had two hours a day to do cool stuff. Blogging doesn't count does it?! haha

  2. The Way that can be named is not The Way. Silly Taoism...