Calculus vs. Algebra, a story

   Calculus and algebra are two fields of study in mathematics.    Calculus deals with the study of change in relations a.k.a equations. Ca... Read more »

World of Tanks... sort of

   I've been playing this little online tank game for a while. It's an open source game. You play against other players online by co... Read more »

Physics for idiots by an idiot, Newtonian mechanics

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Paper microscope

  The paper microscope is for those that don't have money to buy a real microscope. Fun part is that it works. It really works. A micros... Read more »

Doctor Who!? Not a hate post.

  Am I the only one that finds the so called sci-fi show "Doctor Who" a boring waste of time?   In a nutshell it's just some... Read more »

Robert Finale paintings

Robert Finale is the artist take captures your dreams. His warm style that catches glimpses of the human soul in landscapes is amazing: ... Read more »