Hydrogen powered egg boiler

We need a new power source for the Tico. I came to that conclusion after we had to painfully scrounge up some coins for the fuel necessary to get home.

From what I've heard, Hydrogen and Stupidity are the most easily available commodities in the Universe, so using one of these resources would be kind of free...wouldn't it ?
Actually, no. Hydrogen is readily available in the solar corona but here on Earth, it is expensive to obtain, expensive to store, and dangerous to use (remember the Hindenburg ?).

But let us say that we are ignorant to the danger and that we won't paint our car with the stuff they used on the Hindenburg. Hydrogen is at least a clean fuel right ?
It burns (reacts with oxygen) and gives out fluffy white clouds of water vapor. Which are obviously hot. Which you could use to boil some eggs on the go, or mix with some pine scented air fresheners to leave a nice smelling puffy white cloud in your wake. (These great business ideas are already registered, patents pending, so don't even think about stealing them -.-)

But again, that is sadly wrong. It appears that the wonderfully modern technological process behind obtaining fuel grade hydrogen still relies mainly on coal and driving the same mileage with hydrogen actually releases more than five times the amount of carbon in the atmosphere as you would driving your grandpa's truck. It just happens at the "hydrogen factory" not at your exhaust. To keep it short, this is the link that trashed my hopes of pine smelling, egg boiling, cloud producing vehicles.

But hope remains. It seems that there is a nice piece of technology called fuel cells which uses hydrogen (amongst other things) to power an electric car...or a big washing machine...depending on whether or not you put wheels on the thing. No exhaust, no noise, no big bulky batteries you would have to wait, and wait, and wait, and .... wait to recharge. Sounds nice ?
Yeah...whatever...that's what I thought. Here you are if you want to learn some stuff, about fuel cells.

Until then, I am still working on my project of a device that could convert stupid people into hydrogen. That makes sense, doesn't it ?

Oh, and by the way, it seems that there is a car that runs on water out there, but on that subject, in another post.water powered car that runs only on middle easter watercartoon by Martin Sutovec (aka Shooty)


  1. I think solar power is the future. It should be mandated that all new houses being built, be built with solar panels. All street lights and traffic lights should be solar powered. Solar cells are getting cheaper, I see tons of those cheap solar powered lawn lamps at Walmart.

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  4. I've heard of alternative methods of getting hydrogen out of water, that require little to no energy input

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